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Converting Miller Generator to Lucas Wiring

To use a modern voltage regulator the Miller generator must be rewired so it works like a Lucas generator.Click on Link below to down load a printable PDF millerconversionĀ 

Rod Coates was pushing for a factory dirt track racer before the T120RT

Rod Coates was pushing for a factory built 500 racer before the AMA allowed 750cc engines to run professional dirt track. The T120RT was a skunk works operation that eventually cost him his job. Click on the link below to view letter by Rod Coates to Tricor general manager, Earl Miller. Rod Coates factory dirt […]

Triumph T120RT

Click on link to PDF below for more information on the T120RT: Triumph T120RT – web

Valve Seat Information

Click on link below to download a PDF file containing installing valve seat information: 650-750head