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Engines and Heat by Kevin Cameron

The familiar motorcycle engine is powered by heat, so a great many of its most difficult problems concern the management of heat and the results of high temperatures.    I like to construct word pictures for myself of what happens in engines, step by step. The reason I like to do this is that, unless I […]

When a lower octane fuel with a higher volitility is better at controling detonation

VOLATILITY EFFECTS ON PERFORMANCE    On the spec sheet issued by makers of racing gasolines, you will see volatility referred to twice; as the 10% point and the 90% point. The 10% point is that temperature by which 10% of the fuel has come over in the volatility test. This is a measure of the fuel’s […]

Lacing Norton Front Disc Rim – 06-1951

Where Do I Start? The picture illustrates a rim pierced to accept a .300 inch nipple with a smaller .281 inch nipple installed. I show this because in the US .281 inch Japanese style nipples often find their way into spoke kits. It is possible this nipple could pull through during tightening, or fail in […]