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Chantland Aluminum 750 Big Bore Cylinder Instructions

chantlandBigBoreinstructions Bob Chantland manufactured aluminum 750 Big Bore cylinders for Triumph 650’s in the 1970’s. These are the instructions that came with the kit.Click on link above to down load the PDF.

Harmon&Collins Roller Cams

HarmonCollins¬† Harmon & Collins made a roller cam set-up for Triumphs in the 1960’s. I thought you might like to take a look at one… John (click on link to a pdf above)

RHP (NSK) Bearing Codes

rhp nsk bearing marking codes Often we would like to know the specifications of an RHP bearing and what the codes stamped on the bearing mean. For example what does one, or more, small circles like ‘C2’ or ‘0’ engraved or stamped on the side of the bearing mean? Or what is the difference between […]

Triumph T140 Cam Timing

The late Peter Russell was an avid Triumph enthusiast for over 40 years, experienced mechanic and engineering tradesman and popular contributor to the Triumph forum on the web blog We are pleased to share some of his experience, and insight, with our readers. Click on link below to open a PDF file of the […]