NVT – Triumph Troubled Years

Edward Turner went to Japan

Reflection on the Demise of BSA:
Starting in 1969 BSA was hemoraging Pounds. They were not succesful finding funding
Banks to led them money.

Buy Fly – London and Paris;
In 1972 US warehouses were full of unsold Triumph, BSA and Rickman motorcycles


In the winter of 1973 Bob Myers was traveling to England to work with the Triumph 
workers in Meriden with their negotiations with Dennis Poore. In this letter he tried 
to inform US dealers what was going on in England.
Bobmyersletterto dealersNov1973

In 1974 Dennis Poore was in contentious negotiations with the Triumph workers.
He was negotating with the Transport Workers Union. This is a letter from Dennis Poore’s
lawyers to Dennis Johnson head of the Transport Workers Union.
nvt vs Transport Workers’ Union

Bob Myers was negotiating with Christopher Chataway, then Industrial Development Minister,
on behalf of the Meriden workers. He was trying to stop Dennis Poore from ceasing
production of the Triumph twins – TR7 and T140. Before taking any action Chataway
wanted proof that dealers would buy Triumph. He had been told by Dennis Poore that the dealer
didn’t want Triumph twins.ob returned to his store in Baltimore and got on the phone. In a
matter of days he got a group of dealers to send Western Union telegrams with orders
for Triumph 750 twins. In less than a week he was on the plane with orders for over
10,000 Triumph twins. Remember those were the days of the internet and he didn’t have time
to contact only about 10% of the US BSA-Triumph dealers.
bike orders